Fancy Hat Multimedia
Creating a world of imagery






Prior to starting the company Fancy Hat Multimedia founder Michael Bou-Nacklie worked with clients around the world with extensive experience in the Middle-East creating content for clients and news organizations even leading him to create content for the second Gulf War invasion in 2004 while working as a reporter in Saudi Arabia. In 2009 Fancy Hat Multimedia was officially established in the United States with its head office in Washington DC following receiving his masters degree from Ohio University in Visual Storytelling and Photojournalism.

Since then the company has expanded to California creating real estate films and photography for property clients as well as documentary films and corporate films for a variety of clients including Google, Facebook, McDonnell Douglas and many more.

Seeing the growth and changes in the Arab market a branch of Fancy Hat Multimedia was opened in Bahrain, due to its friendly business environment as well as its logistical hub for the GCC region. The company has flourished since operating in Saudi Arabia via a holding company office for the Fancy Hat Multimedia brand serving clients like Aramco and various government entities in the region creating content based on the 15 years of experience of Michael and his team of dedicated experts throughout the region creating everything from drone video, to documentary films, to corporate films, as well as Feature and Advertising work.

Currently the Middle-East Fancy Hat Multimedia is in full force working to bolster the burgeoning regional film market with its expertise in Saudi and the region at large. One example is the slate of region specific feature-films and TV shows the team have been working tirelessly to create funding avenues with investors to create international standard content to elevate the market.